The Influence Alliance

The Membership for Coaches, Consultants who want to build a successful business while launch and grow their podcast so they can make a much bigger impact in the world with their message 


Is this you? 

You’re ready to take what you’re doing to the next level and you know that you need to build a strong online presence that’s unique, uncopyable, and unforgettable, along with compelling programs (offerings) that position you are THE choice for your dream client.


  • Coaching clients is your zone of genius. Putting together a compelling message so you can stand outline is not. And, the message you’re sharing needs work.
  • You want to build your reptuation as a trusted authority to finally attract higher level (and higher paying) cliens, but you don’t know how. The world’s best kept secret perfectly describes you!
  • You’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur and struggle to define and package everything into one succinct message and one powerful offering. Therefore your message confuses people and is not attracting your ideal client.
  • You need to be more visible online. You’ve considered launching a podcast but have no idea where to start. HELP!

Also, while you love working for yourself, at times you feel isolated. You long to be part of an empowered community of like-minded people who understand you, and a place where you will feel valued and supported, and can be that support for others, too!


The Influence Alliance was created for YOU!

I know the frustration and isolation you’re feeling, which is why I created this community.

In fact, I wish this training and support within The Influence Alliance had been around some twenty-something years ago when I launched my career coaching business. It would have prevented me from chasing a lot of bright shiny objects, and saved me a lot of time, money, and frustration.

I’m still hearing from frustrated coaches (like me all those years ago), who have invested a lot of time and money being certified in various modalities, yet their training hasn’t given them enough information or support on how to build their coaching business from the ground up.

That’s where The Influence Alliance comes in.

You’ll learn how to clarify and create your succinct message to attract your ideal client and grow a thriving businessm while being part of a connected and collaborative community of coaches and consultants who care about you and the success of your business.

That’s my promise to you when you become part of The Influence Alliance. 

And, if you’re thinking of starting a podcast, I’ll show you the right foundations you need to have in place and when you’re ready you can dive into our ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Podcast Training.

Or, if you’ve already launched a podcast, but not generating the results you’d hoped for – the Podcast Foundations Modules are perfect for you.

Here’s how The Influence Alliance is structured to
best support you (without becoming overwhelming):

Week 1: Masterclass Training (Pre-recorded)

Each month a new topic will be shared following our core theme of building your Reputation, your Reaching, and your Revenue.

From building your visibility, marketing, money mindset, strategy, casting your vision and mission, leadership, building your team, and everything in-between to help you build a thriving business.

There are numerous Masterclasses already which can be accessed immediately upon joining.

Week 2: Live Masterclass Q&A (Live)

Need more support around the topic we’ve just covered for the month? Or, have a question about another area of your business?

Join us for a live Masterclass Q&A and jump in the hot-seat to get some spotlight coaching and support.

Note: This is a valuable session even if you’re not getting your question answered. You can learn so much from the tips and strategies being shared on these valuable calls.


Week 3 & 4: Work on Your Business

Let’s get into action working ON your business, whether you are implementing what we have learned that month in our Masterclass training, or you are working on another area of your business.

Week 3 and 4  is all about getting into intentional action so you can finish each month strong.


Private Community

A wonderful opportunity to get and give support to other Change Makers throughout the month, because together we are better!

Our extensive library of trainings that have been strategically sequenced to ensure you begin working on the right foundations in order to build the moment you need to grow your business, including:


Step 1: Core Training: Business Growth:

Learn the five stages of our Influence Alliance Success Path, and what you should be focusing on for each stage in order to take your business to the next level.

Step 2: Core Business Foundations Program:

Access our Signature Program – Core Business Foundations the next stage to building a profitable and scalable business.

Note: This training is offered as a standalone for $1,997, however is included in The Influence Alliance’s curriculum.

Step 3: Core Training: Podcast Platform:

Thinking of starting a podcast, or have a podcast that’s not generating the results you’d hoped for?

Get started with our Core Training to help you pinpoint what you need to focus on to create a podcast that will cut through the noise and help you begin to monetise your message.

Step 4: Idea to Launch Your Podcast Training:

This is a comprehensive training that will help you launch a podcast that will position you as an influential trusted authority, help you build an audience of your dream clients, while nurture listeners into leads from your first episode.

Note: This training is offered as a standalone for $697, however is included in The Influence Alliance’s curriculum.

Step 5: Masterclass Trainings:

Access the specific training you need from our extensive Masterclass trainings, which includes previous classes and a new class every month.

Guided by the Influence Alliance Success Path you’ll know exactly what to focus on in order to continue building the momentum you need.

BONUS: In The Vault Trainings:

From Clarifying your Vision & Mission, to Social Media on Steroids, Your Networking Plan that Turns Connections into Conversations, right through to Powerful Sales Conversations, access additional trainings only when and if you need them.

BONUS: Templates & Tools 

Access our extensive range of templates and tools so you don’t have to create them yourself.

From our recommended Livestreaming Checklist, Marketing Your Podcast Checklist, Hiring Team Sample Interview Questions, right through to our Podcast Series Launch Plan and Calendar, plus many more.

BONUS: Missed Milestones & Setbacks training:

Has failure and disappointment been a part of your past? Don’t let setbacks and unachieved goals hold you back.

This training is a must and will help you reframe your mindset so you can hit the ground running with a renewed and restored success-driven mindset.

What our clients are saying about our trainings…

I have been loving the course I am taking with The Influence Alliance. I am slowly getting through all of the tasks. Thank you for challenging me. Yes, your course has been incredibly instrumental at organising the chaos of all my ideas toward being impactful.

Your course is not gold, but I am coining it ‘platinum’ Okay ‘titanium’ even. I was feeling stuck and sharing your knowledge really got me unstuck, re-energised, and excited to put in some additional hours. Your clarity sparked the expansion from a single idea. Merci and thank you! 

Tanya Nesterenko

‘Annemarie Cross has simply the best podcast training I’ve seen. It’s so much more than recording a bit of audio and uploading it somewhere! You cover it all! The foundation building is such an important part of the podcast’s sustainability. All of the seemingly boring, tedious “work” will ensure you have the best change of success. Your message, your delivery, your process. If you don’t build a solid foundation…what;s the point…You cover it all. Thank you!

Nia McMartin

If you are thinking about starting your own podcast or amplifying your message, I encourage you to enrol in the Immersive Program lead by the incredibly knowledgeable and heart-centred Annemarie Cross. 

If you want to increase your reach and reputation and increase your revenue too, then being coached by Annemarie really is a no-brainer. She is one of the best in the podcasting biz. 

Little did I know that it was going to be so much more! It is a wonderful program that dives deep down into YOU, your life, your purpose, your mission, your impact and your influence. It truly is a fabulous personal development program, wrapped up in a podcasting program. 

I have personally had so many wonderful aha’s. I now know my value, that I am and have enough. I have clarity and confidence and a system to have, do, be and give more. Your only question now is WHEN? 

Pix Jonasson | The Couragepreneur Podcast Host

I realised that having a voice and sharing your untold story is important in developing know, like, and trust. When I first began Annemarie’s Podcasting Course I wasn’t really sure what to expect but as I worked through the course if there was anything that I didn’t understand, Annemarie was there to help answer any questions that I had.

Faye Waterman | A Conversation with Faye

Never ever think that what you have to say isn’t worth sharing. It’s so easy for us to think: “No-one would want to hear what I’ve got to say.” Or, “What I’ve got to say isn’t that important.” Or even, “Im not so special that people would want to listen to me.” Let that go. Let go of all those fears and just do it!”

David Wright | Co-Host: Succeed With Money Podcast

Starting a podcast was something my business partner and I wanted to do to share our message in a much bigger way. The Branding With Archetype module that Annemarie starts the training off with, enabled me to have one of the biggest aha’s.

Through knowing what makes us unique and then being able to define our Signature Brand so we can ensure our podcast is unique – right from the title of our podcast, the words we use in our intro and outro, as well as our selection of music, so we can capture the heart and soul of who we are and ultimately can speak directly to our ideal client through the information we share on each podcast, is priceless.

Another aha, was being able to get clarity on the type of podcast we wanted to create as well as the importance of choosing a specific audience – all crucial information that will ensure our podcast stands out. 

Jerry Penny

I wanted to start my podcast so that I could get my message out to my potential clients. Blogging and posting on social media hadn’t got me very far. People tell me that they like my voice, so I thought that perhaps a vocal podcast might get me better results. 

I found the information in the program, invaluable. Annemarie has this way of stimulating my thought processes, and opening up my mind to all sorts of possibilities that I’d never considered. She also put my fears to rest, and helped me to realise that I had something unique and valuable to contribute.  

I learned that planning is key. I can’t just press record and start a verbal stream of consciousness. For my podcast to be good, and for it to last, I need to plan and prepare ahead. Also, content creation isn’t as hard as I first thought. I have major topics I can talk about, and they all have little side branches i can explore.   

The thing that excites me most, is that I now know how to produce good quality, structured content, which will hopefully help my potential clients.  

I have had the pleasure of working with Annemarie both privately and as part of a group. Annemarie has been podcasting for years, and really knows her stuff. If you are willing to put in the work and the time, she will give generously from her wisdom, and will do everything she can to help you succeed. Her group workshop material is very high quality, and very practical.  

As a private coach, she is insightful and generous.  

Whether you work with Annemarie privately, or in a group, you’ll definitely get excellent value for your money. 

Amanda Heal | Life Purpose Champion | The Do What You Love Podcast

Your Investment

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Click here for AUD if you are in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Influence Alliance?

The Influence Alliance is a business building community for Change Makers, including coaches, consultants and practitioner’s – service-based businesses. It’s a monthly membership and has ongoing trainings to help members build a profitable and scalable business.

Do I Need to Have a Podcast to be Eligible to Join?

No, you do not have to have (nor even have the desire to have) a podcast to be eligible to join. All of the trainings are relevant to you too in supporting your business growth, while leveraging multiple other ways (besides a podcast) to help you build your reach and visibility.

I want to start a podcast - can The Influence Alliance help?

Yes! We have our Podcast Platform training and our comprehensive ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Podcast Training specifically for coaches and consultants, step-by-step.

I have a podcast but it's not getting the downloads/results I want. Can The Influence Alliance help?

Yes!! While there may be a number of different factors that could be limiting the growth of your podcast – our ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Podcast Training – Foundations Modules, which focuses on your unique and uncopyable message and your monetization strategy is a great place to start. However, we’ll help you determine what you need to focus on first, once you’re inside The Influence Alliance online training hub and in our community! 

I have no desire to start a podcast, but I do need support building my business. Can I still join?

Yes! As mentioned in the previous response, there are various trainings which are highly relevant to you too, as we teach you how to leverage multiple other ways in order to build your reach and visibility.

I'm in another membership group: Why should I join The Influence Alliance?

I’m been in several membership programs, at one time too.

They were incredibly helpful, because each membership offers me unique insights to help me grow myself (as the leader of my business) and my business, itself.

I believe, The Influence Alliance brings something quite unique in the marketplace.

Specifically the ability to tap into decades of experience and expertise in personal branding, online marketing, mindset and podcasting.

Alongside drawing on our business partners, which includes our media arm: The Ambitious Podcast Network and our Podcast Training Arm: Podcasting With Purpose – that’s a solid and unique combination of expertise we can leverage and draw upon, to benefit YOU.

What happens after I join?

You will get immediate access to all of the Masterclasses on our online hub. Once you have logged in to the online hub, you’ll see instructions on how to request access to our private members-only Facebook Group.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

The Influence Alliance is committed to creating an environment where you will want to STAY because of what you are learning and because of the connections you are making and collaborations you are forming by being part of a global community that cares about YOU and the success of your business.

However, if for some reason you wish to relinquish your membership, get in touch with our team at least 7 days prior to your next charge.

Note: If you have paid in full for the entire year, if you choose to cancel, monies will not be refunded.