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According to Edelman and Linkedin ‘2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study’:

  • 87% of decision makers said that building Thought Leadership builds trust;
  • 89% of decision makers said that building Thought Leadership enhances your reputation;
  • 58% of decision makers said they would choose a business because of their Thought Leadership;
  • 61% of decision makers said they were willing to pay premium prices to work with a brand that articulated a clear vision through their Thought Leadership.

This is where the Industry Thought Leader Academy can support you.

Bringing you leading Business & Career Training & Podcasts to help you build your reach and reputation as a Thought Leader in your field.

Whether you’re a business, entprereneur or intrapreneur.


Distinguishable Masterclass

Be Distinguishable, Uncopyable and Irresistible – even if you’re in a crowded marketplace

Become THE choice vs just A choice by your ideal client for coaches and consultants.

Learn about the common mistakes that can keep you from building your reputation as a trusted authority in your industry, and what to focus on instead.

Business Training

Stand Out, Be Heard & Be Known as an Industry Thought Leader

For Coaches, Specialists and Consultants who want to learn how to build a sustainable, scalable and profitable business. From building your Core Business Foundations through to Breaking Through Money Dramas with your renewed and empowered mindset around money – we have you covered!

Career Training

Get Noticed, Get Hired & Get Paid What You’re Worth!

For Executives, Professionals & Intrapreneurs who want the step-by-step system that shows you how to create your very own compelling career marketing document that commands attention, while hone your interviewing skills so you can showcase your value and negotiate a salary package that pays you what you’re worth.


Prior to working with Annemarie I had low self belief, I didn’t have any goals, and was bogged down due to lack of USP in a competitive industry. Other areas in my business where I was struggling was I lacked the confidence in networking with other people and presenting information about our business. And, I was definitely not charging what I was worth. After working with Annemarie, I am much more confident in business situations, I understand my niche better, and I have better structuring and direction in my marketing because I am far more focused. I now have a direction in the business, have set myself goals for the next 3months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year and 3 year. And, more importantly, I am now charging 40% more for my projects and clients are extremely happy to pay this.
Anne Morton Lifestyle Videos
After completing the program everything is clearer and with that clarity I am now able to portray and promote my business with confidence. AND, I increased my fees by 60%.  I needed to clarify my brand in my own mind and also wanted to determine how I was being perceived by my existing clients and prospects. I also questioned whether I was explaining what my business did in an accurate way. Since completing the program everything is clearer, and with that clarity I am now able to portray and promote my business with confidence, whereas before I questioned whether what I was saying was accurate. I’ve also found that the program has eliminated the writer’s block I was experiencing when trying to communicate my brand on paper.  I am speaking more confidently and with more clarity and now have words to use so that I can connect with and inspire my clients into taking action! I can’t speak highly enough of the program and the experience and would highly recommend it!
Sylvia Bourne Office Genie – Virtual Assistant
I owned two businesses but was struggling to make an income and was feeling unappreciated and undervalued for the expertise I was offering.  Annemarie’s program transformed my business. In fact, because of her program I ended up creating a whole new business. I am working with clients I love and am loving every minute. The big “aha” moment for me was realising that I had expertise worth sharing and to give myself permission to step into my own brilliance. Too many women undervalue themselves. Never again for me. My business is booming – I have tripled my income, have attracted paid speaking opportunities across the country, and have been nominated and shortlisted for 4 major awards. I WILL NEVER undervalue myself again.
Caroline McCullough 

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