About Our Academy

Where Change Makers are Cultivated to
Stand Out, Be Heard, and Influence REAL change in their industry

Our Vision, Mission, and Mantra 

Industry Thought Leader Academy’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of one billion people, achieved through our mission to change the world ONE message – ONE podcast at a time through supporting 10,000 Coaches and Consultants.

Our mantra is what we aspire to daily, which is to #BEtheDifference in everything we do. Each client we support contributes to this vision as they continue to change the world through their own compelling message and content; the work they do with their clients along with the impact that has on the community at large.

Our Core Focus

Bring excellence and exceptional value through all of our clients offerings, and believe 100% that our success and therefore the success of our client, is possible;

Be an unstoppable force for making a difference in the world;

Align everything we do with our core values, and be fully committed to our vision!

Be bold and willing to step outside our comfort zone when required;

Allow our unique selves with full authenticity to shine through in everything we do!

Our Culture and Commitment

We live out our Core Values in everything we do with our clients and the Strategic Alliance collaborations we enter into. Our Core Values include:

ACHIEVEMENT: Leveraging our strengths and unique brilliance to achieve desired outcomes can ultimately impact the world

With achievement comes self-confidence and with an unwavering level of self-confidence, we believe people can continue to pursue their goals while continuing to make a positive impact in the world.


BEING THE BEST: As a leader in our industry, we bring confidence and outstanding success to those we serve

Being recognised as a leading expert in our field by our peers, customers, and community is key as it inspires confidence and outcomes that continue to exceed the expectations of those we support.


EXCELLENCE: Delivering first-class outcomes in everything we do is of utmost importance

Delivering excellence in everything we do is at the core of who we are. This encompasses showing initiative, displaying a ‘can do’ attitude, taking personal responsibility and ownership for our actions, while showing enthusiasm and going the extra mile in whatever we are called to do.


FUN: Fun is essential for a happy and healthy life and business

Fostering fun and enjoyment within our work and our approach to all we do enables happy, healthy, and productive people and ultimately better outcomes.


INTEGRITY: Honesty, truthfulness, and fairness are at the core of who we are and how we do business with others

We believe that integrity should be deeply ingrained across everything we do because a reputation for being honest, trustworthy, and delivering a high standard of excellence is everything.


INSPIRING: Inspiring hope and possibility is central to our mission and purpose

We believe that inspiration awakens individuals to reach a level of greatness that they would never have thought was possible for them. We are in the business of propelling new possibilities through inspiring others.


MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Positively impacting other people’s lives is what drives us

We believe each of us is called to not only make a difference but to be THE difference. Leaving a footprint that inspires people to think, do, and be bigger through our actions and interactions, in turn, propels us to be more and do more every single day.