Breathrough Your Money Dramas

Coaches & Consultants

Do you lay awake at night worrying about money? Or, do you wonder what’s stopping you from making more money, despite the hard work you’ve put in?
You are not alone!


Coaches and Consultants, who are specialists in their field and have worked hard, still continue to struggle with the same issues around money. Why?

Because, while they focus on having the right systems and strategy in their business (which is important), they never really focus on their mindset. Especially their mindset around money, which is a highly specialised area when it comes to mindset.

So, they either end up repeating the same money habits their parents did, or they go in the opposite direction (vowing NEVER to be like our parents), however they still end up with different money dramas. Can you relate?

There IS a way to begin solving your money issues – once and for all!

One of the first steps towards breaking through your money dramas is to change your thoughts and attitudes towards money. Why? Because it’s hard to attract new clients and have money flowing into your business, if you’re still carrying around any old beliefs and unhelpful attitudes about money.

Beliefs and attitudes, like:

  • “I want to charge what I’m worth and increase my fees BUT I don’t want to be greedy.”

“I have to work HARD for my money.”

  • “Money is very hard to come by so I need to save every cent/penny.”
  • “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

“Wealthy people are greedy.”

  • “It’s easy for others to make money – luck just seems to be on their side. Not for me.”
  • “Money is the root of all evil.”

“What’s the point of saving money? It only slips through your fingers.”

  • “No sooner has money come in – out it goes again.”

And, many others similar beliefs around money. In fact, often our beliefs are so deeply embedded into our subconcious that we’re not even aware of them. The programming around money that you’ve developed in your childhood (often without you even realising it) continues to have a negative impact on you in adulthood. 

Until now. 


The first step on your journey to more confidence, clients, and cash.

Here’s what this course, includes:

Your Money Lessons:

In each module you’ll receive a new Money Mindset Makeover Lesson to help you identify what’s stopping you from making (and keeping) more money in your business. Each lesson is designed to help you think more about your subconscious attitudes towards money, so you can begin to clear away the things holding you back.

There are 8 Money Mindset Makeover Lessons, including:

Module 1: Clear Your Money Clutter

Module 2: Scarcity or Abundance: You Manifest What You Focus On

Module 3: Your Self-Worth Account: Are You Depositing or Withdrawing

Module 4: Common Money Stories & Beliefs Keeping You Stuck

Module 5: Forgiveness: A Key Step Towards Financial Freedom

Module 6: Build Your Self-Value & Self-Worth to Charge What You’re Worth

Module 7: Boost Your Self-Confidence AND Your Net-Worth

Module 8: Claim Back Your Power With Money

Your Action Steps:

Your Actions Steps are powerful action steps to guide and support you in creating a healthy relationship with money. The carefully designed probing questions are designed to brig critical information to the surface to support you in breaking through your cycle of money challenges and dramas – once and for all.

Your Money Insights:

Amazing things happen when you commit to taking the right actions. As you deepen and strengthen your learnings with these Money Insights exercises and actions step – your subconscious immediately gets to work on it!

NOW is the time to finally breakthrough your money dramas – are you ready?