The Business Building Community for Change Makers who want to Stand Out, Be Heard AND Become an Influential Voice in their Industry so they can inspire and empower real change with their message

Does this sound like you?


You’re a coach, consultant, speaker, author – with a message to champion change.


You’ve been in business a while and have worked with some awesome clients.


And, you’re ready to take what you’re doing to the next level.

It’s your time.

However, because of what’s going on in the world, your business has been impacted and the ways you were getting exposure for your business (such as speaking, networking and attending events, etc) is no longer possible.

And, while you’re not sure when things will return to ‘normal’ – you realize that relying on how you USED to do things in your business is no longer enough, and you know you need to build a strong presence online, too.


  • Coaching and supporting clients is your sweet spot, however marketing and building your reach is confusing and overwhelming and what you’re doing hasn’t worked as well as it should have;
  • Despite your years of experience you still feel like the world’s best kept secret and long to build your reputation as an authority in your field and finally attract higher level (and paying) customers, but you don’t know how or where to even start;
  • You’re also a multi passionate, multi-talented entrepreneur who is struggling to define and package EVERYTHING you know and can support clients with into ONE succinct message and ONE powerful offering that enables you to stand out from the crowd… so you often feel your message confuses people because it’s unfocused and unclear.

Also, while you love working for yourself, there are times you feel isolated, so you long to be part of an empowered community of liked-minded people who ‘get you’ and where you feel valued and supported.

The Influence Alliance was created just for you!

I know the frustration and isolation that you, and so many other Change Makers are feeling and have created this Alliance JUST FOR YOU.

You’ll learn how clarify your message into ONE succinct and cut-through Thought Leader message to become known as the go-to person in your industry, grow a thriving business WHILE be part of a connected and collaborative global community that cares about YOU and the success of your business.

And, who understands where you’re coming from.

That’s my promise to you, when you become part of the Alliance.


The Influence Alliance has two Tiers.

Tier 1 is for Change Makers who are focusing on building and strengthening their CORE BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS to position themselves for sustainable and scalable growth.

They know by getting their Core Business Foundations in place, will enable them to develop a robust podcast strategy with the RIGHT ‘END IN MIND’, so they can begin to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and paying customers from their very first episode, which is EPISODE ZERO!)

Tier 2 is for Change Makers who have completed our Signature 90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Thought Leader Podcast, and who are on a mission to empower real change and therefore will continue to build and strengthen their podcast/publicity platforms and business pipelines.

NOTE: To join Tier 2 of The Influence Alliance Program – Change Makers MUST have completed our Signature 90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Thought Leader Podcast. Or have worked with me privately in their podcast launch strategy.


The Influence Alliance Tier 1 program opens its doors for new enrollments – only four times a year. This is so we can focus on working closely with our community of Change Makers, on our Signature business building program: Core Business Foundations: Your Pathway to Sustainable & Scalable Growth

We’re head down and working on our business in this round of Core Business Foundations getting our businesses ready to scale! Want to join us on the next round – starting December 2020 – get on the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when we open the doors. 


Having worked with business coaches and marketing experts in the past, I would highly recommend working with Annemarie Cross. This last 12 months has been a pivotal turning point in putting strategy behind my business, understanding and working with my own strengths and weaknesses and understanding the importance of having a vision and both short and long term goals. Annemarie’s commitment to her clients is second to none, providing informational webinars and regular Q & A sessions. She goes above and beyond and has a wealth of information from many years of experience, which she is more than willing to share.

Carolyn Moes, Spending Planner, Co-Host: Succeed with Money Podcast

Your pathway to sustainable (and scalable) business growth

Business Foundation 1: Your Lucrative Niche:

Identify your Lucrative Niche for Rapid Business Growth

Think that offering your services ‘to the world’ will increase your chances of building a successful business? This couldn’t be further from the truth.

To build a successful business while build your reputation as an influential voice in your field, you MUST identify a niche.

By getting clear on your niche, you will:

  • Have a highly targeted message that continues to speak directly to the needs of your ideal client to maximize awareness of you and your services.
  • Rapidly build your database/list of prospectsthrough sending out a powerful and influential marketing message relevant to your ideal clients needs.
  • Turn prospects into customers far more easilythrough having a highly targeted, relevant and irresistible message that your ideal client will LOVE and want more of.

Business Foundation 2: Your Signature Brand

Identify your Authentic Signature Brand that Magnetically Attracts Attention, Opportunities and High-Paying Clients

Want to capture the spirit, personality and passion of you and what you do so you can explain it in a way your ideal client can’t help but want to find out more about you? You can – by discovering your Signature Brand Archetypes.

Thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide have used this proven system to brand their Inner Brilliance to create multiple 6-figure (or more) businesses. Now it’s YOUR turn to be instantly recognized as a go to person in your industry with the help of your Signature Brand!

Even if you already have a brand, the Branding With Archetypes™ System will reveal vital tweaks that can dramatically boost your sales and results. Best of all, the process is easy and FUN! Identify your Branding Archetype to:

  • Unlock your powerful, authentic personality and Inner Brilliance to create an instantly recognizable presence that is a client attraction and opportunity magnet.
  • Create the heart and soul of your brand so you become irresistible to your ideal clientsso they feel compelled to invest in you and your services.
  • Identify the specific words to use in your marketing to attract and influence the people YOU want to work with, while dispel people who aren’t your ideal client.


Business Foundation 3: Your Signature System

Rise Quickly to Specialist Status With Your Unique Proven Profitable System that Ideal Clients Will LOVE!

Create your own powerful and value-added Signature System to finally be able to charge what you’re worth and GET IT!

  • Capture “what you do” into a Signature System that your ideal clients will LOVE, want to know more about and invest in!
  • Boost your credibility as an authority in your field FAST;
  • Fill your workshops, webinars, courses and programs far more quickly too with your unique Signature System because clients can’t wait to learn more about it to help them solve their challenges, one and for all.

Business Foundation 4: Your Signature Programs

Package your Expertise into a range of profitable programs that your ideal clients will love and want to invest in.

Hone in on the most profitable and streamlined way to package and deliver your expertise.  In fact, clients have doubled (and even tripled) their business within months after creating their value-packaged programs, and you can too.

  • These simple yet powerful steps will guide you in organizing your ideas into a simple, streamlined offer and what you’ll say during a sales conversation with a prospective customer.
  • Solve the #1 complaint of most business owners: Overwhelm. No longer be confused about too many choices and lack of clarity around what you want to offer.
  • Learn what you should be working on first in order to generate income for your business.  Note: many entrepreneurs work on the wrong element first, which is why they struggle to get paid what they’re worth!

Business Foundation 5: Your Digital Assets

Your “Irresistible Signature Giveaway” for Rapid List Building & Hot Leads

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘the money is in your list’! Your Irresistible Signature Giveaway is designed to build your list by compelling prospects to learn more from you and the brilliance/results you offer. This must-do strategy will help you start attracting and building your list of ideal clients.

  • Build credibility as the ‘go-to’ authority in your niche as you showcase your expertise.
  • Continue to grow your list of prospective clients by compelling them to access your free offer so they can learn more from you.
  • Nurture key ‘know, like and trust’ factors with your prospective clients, increasing the likelihood of them saying ‘Yes’ when you eventually share more about your programs/offerings.


Along with the training, templates, workbook, etc you will have access to Annemarie throughout the program with her weekly coaching and support sessions, monthly productivity power hour calls to get into rapid action, as well as our Private Facebook Group.

Once you’ve registered and are part of our Tier 2 Alliance community – download our Tier 1 Success Guide and remain guided and support – every step of the way!

I have worked with several coaches over the past few years and Annemarie is the only one who has provided the specific coaching expertise that has enabled me to zero in on my ideal client and develop a signature program to leverage my podcast to best serve my clients and a broader audience.

Annemarie’s wit is only surpassed by her love for God and gifting in the prophetic.

Thank you, Annemarie for living out your heavenly purpose!!

Cheri Toledo

Annemarie Cross is known as ‘The Podcasting Queen’

However, prior to work in the podcasting space, Annemarie’s background has been in the area of personal branding, marketing and communications, initially in the career industry, working with Executives and Professionals, and later within the business world, supporting coaches and consultants.

In fact, it is the principles, practices and processes that Annemarie teaches in The Influence Alliance  and her other programs that enabled her to become known as a Thought Leader across both those industries.

Having won multiple awards, being a sought-after speaker and educator, Author of: Ace That Interview – Cutting-Edge Interview Techniques EXPOSED!, and contributing author of numerous of Career titles, as well as sitting on an International Board of Resume Writing Certification Experts and a Judging Panel for the world’s highest echelon in Resume Writing Awards – the TORI awards (of which she has won several herself over the years).

While Annemarie loves to educate and empower her clients – she is not just an educator, but is a practioner through and through. She practices what she preaches – even today in her business and wouldn’t expect her clients to do anything she hasn’t learned and/or implemented herself.

Because she knows what she teaches – works!

Prior to her work in helping Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders take their message to the world with their own podcast and/or podcast series, Annemarie supported coaches and consultants establish and grow their coaching and consulting practices.

By working with Annemarie and implementing the principles she teaches around money, marketing and mindset – clients have doubled and even tripled their results, been paid to speak nationally, won awards – just to name a few of the successes.

The principles, practices and processes that Annemarie continues to teach enabled them to accelerate their success to being seen, known and recognised as Industry Thought Leaders.


Do you want to influence positive change in your industry to make a REAL difference in the lives of others?

Do you believe there are rules in your industry that are meant to be broken, re-written or completely overhauled?

I have an important message for you…it’s something I’ve come to realize is vital when it comes to standing out and sharing your message specifically for Change Makers, Disruptors, Innovators and Game Changers…

Be mindful of the approach you adopt when crafting your story.

The story where you share your personal journey – the journey that has led you on the path to where you are today.

Many of the ‘typical’ approaches that others teach just won’t work – for you.

Because you’re anything but typical.

You know those strengths, talents and gifts that others often admire about you?

They’re not just some random things you’re able to do.

They were chosen, just for you.

You know those heartaches, the challenges you faced, those nights you cried yourself to sleep?

My friend, those moments were developing the courage, strength and determination you now need.

Because the message that’s been placed on your heart is not by coincidence.

It’s not just some random thing you’ve got an interest in

It’s what you stand for.

It’s YOUR cause. Your calling.

Your Purpose.

Your Assignment.

And, it’s been there all along from childhood.

With every moment, every action and every interaction – guiding, strengthening and nurturing in you, what you need to BE the difference and MAKE a REAL difference in the lives of the people you have been called to support.

Are you ready to get into alignment with your assignment?


Your time is NOW!


We’re head down and working on our business in this round of Core Business Foundations getting our businesses ready to scale! Want to join us on the next round – starting December 2020 – get on the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when we open the doors.

I have had the pleasure of working with Annemarie both privately and as part of a group. Annemarie really knows her stuff. If you are willing to put in the work and the time, she will give generously from her wisdom, and will do everything she can to help you succeed. Her group workshop material is very high quality, and very practical.

As a private coach, she is insightful and generous.  Whether you work with Annemarie privately, or in a group, you’ll definitely get excellent value for your money.

Amanda Heal, Life Purpose Champion | The Do What You Love Podcast