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In today’s competitive job market your resume will only receive about 10-12 seconds to make an impression


Thousands of job seekers are losing out on job opportunities due to a dull and uninspiring resume?

So what lasting impact is your resume having?


Is my resume attracting attention and capturing the interviews and job offers I want?

Does my resume showcase my value and expertise by incorporating impressive achievements that broadcast ‘hire me!!’ to the recruiter or employer?

Does my resume enhance my potential even in situations of limited experience?

Does my resume highlight value-added wins to support me throughout the interviewing process?

Does my resume contain results and accomplishments that will allow me to boost my position and worth during salary negotiation?



Securing interviews for jobs you've only ever dreamed about...


Positioning yourself ahead of your competitors throughout the entire selection and interviewing process...


Being able to showcase your expertise and value professionally and effortlessly...


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“After emailing my resume to a job vacancy in the morning I was contacted later that day and had an interview scheduled for the following morning. Thank you so much!!” Clare G. Office Manager

“Since I have put my CV on the Internet I have been contacted by a recruiter already before arriving in Sydney. This was great news. I have now met with the consultant who commented that my CV was outstanding with wonderful presentation. Thank you!” D. Brack, IT Security Specialist

“Just some feedback on my job-hunt – I was offered a position last week with a firm and have accepted the offer! It is more senior, has more responsibilities and pays 70% more than what I am getting now. I believe the resume is what caught their attention and resulted in me getting this role. Thanks very much for your assistance – great job!” Al W. Microsoft Capability Leader.

Let’s add your success story here too, simply by following the award-winning resume writing strategies outlined in the e-course.

6 crucial writing strategies to secure that interview!

This eCourse shows you how to create a powerful marketing tool that will allow you to outshine your competitors and catapult your application to the top of the pile.

Learn award-winning resume writing strategies following the proven Resume Pyramid methodology created by Annemarie Cross – an International multi award-winning certified Resume Writer/Personal Brand Strategist, and author of 10 key steps to Ace that Interview!

In this course Annemarie has laid out all of the writing strategies step-by-step she has used over two decades in the career industry, which have secured her multiple resume writing awards and has enabled her senior executive clients to:

– Secure their dream jobs, paying 70% more than their current salary;

– Position their applications at the forefront when entering a highly competitive market and often among hundreds of other applications;

– Be offered a higher-level position than the role they were applying for with a substantially higher salary page.

Getting Started

  • Understand the product you are going to be marketing (you)! Self assessment to enable you to create a powerfully focused resume.
  • Learn how to transform your resume into an effective personal marketing tool!
  • Discover the secrets in how to craft a well-defined strategic document.
  • Case Study: Why it is crucial to have a targeted and focused resume.

The first two crucial writing strategies: Research & Expand

  • Research; the pivotal building blocks to a powerful resume. A must-do for every job seeker.
  • Expand; how to enhance your expertise by using results-driven achievement statements.
  • Keywords – what they are and why they SHOULD be included in your resume.
  • Key resources on how to get to know your target audience and role explicitly.
  • Discover the million-dollar tactic – guaranteed to ‘wow’ the reader.

The second two crucial writing strategies: Script and Underpin

  • Script; Learn how to write great content with benefit-driven statements bound to make an impression.
  • Underpin; ensure everything you presents continues to qualify your powerful introduction.
  • From bland to BRILLIANT – Replace a boring career objective with this powerful tactic! First impressions are vital so follow this step-by-step guide to craft your compelling introduction!
  • A must-have list of over 720 powerful verbs to incorporate into your content.

The last two crucial writing strategies: Materialise & Edit

  • Materialise; putting together an aesthetically pleasing document using a correct format to strengthen your situation.
  • Edit; edit and edit again. Avoid these resume blunders guaranteed to put you out of the running!
  • Different formats (with examples) and advantages/disadvantages of each, and why it is so important to choose the right style for your specific situation.
  • Replace standard run-of-the-mill headings with attention-grabbing section headers.
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