To Increased Self-Worth, Sales & Savings

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up business owner, corporate employee, or professional…

This program is about getting the tools for up-leveling your life, your business or your career, and putting you on the path to money mastery.

This 5-week Money Mindset transformation program is for you IF:


You work hard, but your income isn’t growing. It’s like you’re trading in your health and well being taking care of everyone else (even to the point of getting resentful and exhausted).


You hold to an ideal that “money doesn’t matter” – but you end up paying a lot of attention to getting your bills paid and just plain worrying about money.


You’re earning well, but savings? … not so much. Spending makes you feel good, but your bank account isn’t happy.


You find no matter how much you’ve earned and saved, the sense of security isn’t there. You don’t trust money will be there for you when you need it.


Or, when it comes to money conversations with family, clients, the bank, or whoever, you often feel uncomfortable, tension, or avoidance – rather than confidence, ease, and empowerment.

If you can relate, you’re not alone!

The GOOD NEWS is, money doesn’t have to be a struggle – anymore.

If you’re looking for:

  • An easy-to-use system to confidently get past your money blind spots, so you can make powerful financial decisions in your personal life and your business or career;
  • Accessing a proven system that creates immediate, and lasting, transformation for yourself;
  • The tools to get yourself unstuck from any money issues that arise in your personal and business life;

 In fact, if you‘re ready to end the inner conflict and stress around money so you can finally get paid what you are WORTH for the VALUE and EXPERTISE you offer, then welcome to the:

Money Mindset Breakthrough
to Increased Self-Worth, Sales and Savings Program.

Money Mindset Breakthrough
to Increased Self-Worth, Sales and Savings Program

Module 1: Discover Your Sacred Money Archetype

  • Reveal the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income and secure your financial freedom and future.
  • Identify your Sacred Money Gifts AND your challenges so you can finally transform unhelpful beliefs and habits into empowering principles and actions.
  • Design your very own EMPOWERING MONEY AFFIRMATION with KEY words that aligns with your unique money gifts and strengths.

Module 2: Breakthrough Money Blind Spots & Bottlenecks

  • Pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and your personal growth.
  • Troubleshoot the money blind spots that are likely causing an ‘invisible ceiling” on your income. Surprisingly, this invisible ceiling exists at EVERY income level. Hearing what you need to break free will remove any limits on your financial freedom and inner wealth.
  • Learn key areas you may be giving away your power with money, and identify steps you can take to own your value, with confidence and clarity.

Module 3: Design Your Abundant Financial Future

Now it’s time to get into action to design YOUR abundant financial future – whatever that means for YOU.

During this module you will:

  • Create your own empowering Financial Life Purpose Statement.
  • Complete the Money, Life & Legacy Exercise to identify purpose and impact, along with perspective and priorities.
  • Align your vision, values, message and mission with your financial goals and outcomes.

Module 4: Solve Your Time & Money Trap (Habits)

Simple, yet powerful tools and strategies to support you in identifying and eliminating unhelpful habits around time and money that can still keep you stuck, including:

  • Your Money Archetypes and how you’ll show up in your business (both strengths and areas to be mindful of).
  • Complete your Money Archetype Income Accelerator to breakthrough to the next level of income.
  • Tips to running your business profitability and productively, in alignment with your Sacred Money Archetype.


Module 5: Practical Pricing & Money Tools and Tips 

Tools to keep you focused and on track to your money goals so you don’t get repeat bad habits that’ll get you back into the feast or famine, or ‘just enough’ cycles, including:

  • Money, Leads & Publicity Opportunities Tracking Sheet
  • Powerful Goal Tool


Clear your Money Clutter Training

Identify and remove money block and barriers caused by unfinished, unresolved, messy, complicated things, or things you’ve been avoiding!

 Let’s REMOVE your money clutter, once and for ALL!

Overcoming Business Disappointments: How Unachieved Goals and Setbacks Can Keep You Stuck & What To Do About It

Experienced a failure or setback?

What’s VITAL is you don’t let that disappointment and/or failure keep you stuck from achieving other goals you set yourself in the future.

This bonus training will show you:

  • Why unachieved goals and setbacks can keep you stuck feeling skeptical, vulnerable and anxious and unable to jump into action, AND what to do about it.
  • Practical tips and exercises to clear the “mental” clutter, criticism and blocks that making it hard for you to move forward.
  • The ONE you MUST take after experiencing failure and/or disappointment to stop yourself from getting stuck in a financial/business drama cycle.


Transformational Training & Exercises 

Each week, access the module training and complete the accompanying workbook and exercises, accessible from our Online Hub.

POWERFUL Coaching 

Then, each week come to our group Q&A Sessions for powerful breakthrough coaching to help you eliminate barriers, while create empowering habits and strategies to support you as you continue to transform your mindset around money.


Join our private community of Change Makers where you can continue to be supported and provide support as you transform your relationship with money – TOGETHER.

CONTINUAL support and encouragement  

I am 100% committed to seeing you achieve your goals and will be walking beside you every step of the way!

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