Money, Marketing & Mindset Masterclasses
Strategic Business Training for Change Makers & Aspiring Thought Leaders

Does this sound like you?


While you’ve worked with clients, generating a steady stream of new clients is much harder than you thought;


You love working with clients, however it’s the marketing and sales you have to do to get new clients, that’s confusing;


Despite your level of expertise, you feel like the world’s BEST kept secret and are frustrated that what you’ve been doing isn’t generating the results you’d hoped for.

If you relate, you’re in the right place.

The Money, Marketing & Mindset Masterclasses have been created specifically for YOU!

I know the frustration that you, and so many other professional service-based businesses are facing, which is why I created these trainings.
You’ll learn how to position your expertise to become known as the sought-after person in your industry, and what you need to focus on to grow a thriving business – step by step.

What’s included?

The Money, Marketing & Mindset Masterclasses include Workbooks, PowerPoint Slides, Templates, Checklists etc, for the following topics to help you build your Thought Leadership and your business:

Masterclass 1: Clarifying Your Vision, Mission & 12 Month Strategic Plan

Set yourself up for success to ensure this year is your BEST ever, by learning:

  • Why typical Business Plans don’t work
  • What a Strategic Plan is
  • Defining your Vision and Mission
  • Completing your own Strategic Plan
  • BONUS: Quarterly Goals Template
  • BONUS: 30 Day Bold Goal Template
  • EXAMPLE Strategic Plan
  • EXAMPLE Quarterly Goals 

Masterclass 2: Your 12-Month Marketing Calendar that’ll Cut Through the Noise

Cut through the noise and be seen and heard as a sought-after Authority in your field by YOUR ideal client, by learning:

  • The ONE thing you MUST be totally clear on (which most business aren’t and the reason why their marketing efforts often fail)
  • Mapping out your Brand Communications Wheel
  • Selecting the RIGHT Content Themes to build your Thought Leadership
  • Putting your Marketing Plan Together: The Tips, Tools and Tactics

Masterclass 3: Your Networking Plan that Turns Connections into Conversations (Online & Offline)

Create a strategic Networking Plan so you can turn connections into conversations that’ll lead to opportunities and ultimately paying clients.


  • The ONE thing you MUST start with when it comes to Networking success
  • Ice Breakers vs Deal Breakers
  • Understanding the four ‘Networking Persona’s’ and how NOT to turn people off
  • The Art of Influential Communication
  • A powerful and compelling Introduction Formula
  • The 3-pronged Networking System that’ll enable you to turn connections into conversations – easily and strategically

Masterclass 4: Crucial Conversations Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders MUST have in their Business that leads to enquiries and sales

Now that your strategic Networking Plan is working and people are intrigued about your work and want to find out more – THIS process is the next step: Crucial Conversations.

  • The Four Conversations to incorporate into your business meetings
  • The significance and importance of each of these conversations
  • How to determine which of the four conversations to use with your new contact and when
  • The tools I use to streamline the entire meeting process from booking right through to conducting each meeting
  • Suggested process and key questions to ask within each of the Four Conversations – step by step so you can create your own! 

Masterclass 5: Powerful Enrolment/Sales Conversations

Now that your Crucial Conversations are working and people are interested to find out how THEY can work with you – you’ll need to be able to confidently conduct your sales conversations.

Not confident in selling? This Masterclass will help you, as you learn:

  • Why you’ll continue to struggle with sales if you don’t address this first
  • The role of the Sales Conversation (which may surprise you)
  • Creating Desire and Need throughout the Customers Journey, because everything that happens BEFORE the sales conversation – matters
  • How to overcome typical objections including: “I need to think about it.” “It’s not the right time.” “I can’t afford it.” So that the best outcome is achieved for both you and your ideal client.  

Masterclass 6: Create Your Thought Leader List Building Nurturing Funnel

With only a small percentage of your ideal clients ready to make an immediate purchase it’s vital to have a list building (lead generating) and nurturing process in place.

Setup your very own list building nurturing funnel that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year, with potential customers ready to find out more about how they can work with you being able to book in with you to find out more, with a streamlined and automated process.


  • The Core Business Foundations (which are often missing) you must have in place to ensure you generate the best outcome
  • Tools and Technologies you need to have in place
  • Example: My List Building & Nurturing Funnel Explained
  • Crucial Follow Up nurturing emails
  • Additional powerful relationship building tools and assets 


Masterclass 7: Social Media on Steroids for Change Makers

Following on from our 12-Month Marketing Calendar Masterclass – Social Media is no doubt one of the aspects you’ve included in your Brand Communications Wheel.

To ensure your Social Media efforts generates the best ROI, learn:

  • The Foundations you must be clear on and have in place (NOTE: Many of these Foundations we have already covered in our Masterclasses)
  • Your Social Media & Content Creation Strategic Plan – an Example and template to create your own
  • My 5-Step Strategy and what’s working
  • A Hashtag Strategy and examples
  • Direct Message [DM] Strategy and Scripts/Examples

Masterclass 8: Writing Rich Content that Clients (and Google) LOVE and Positions You as a Thought Leader

Struggling to come up with content you can be confident that your ideal client is searching for and wants to learn more about? While continues to position you as a sought-after authority?


  • What constitutes RICH content
  • The steps to define your Thought Leader Content Pillars
  • A tool that’ll enable you to get inside the head of your ideal client as well as come up with a myriad of topics he/she is searching for
  • A key writing strategy that most people have never heard of, which is often one of the reasons why their content misses the mark


Masterclass 9: Speaking to Grow Your Business

Speaking on stage (whether virtual or inperson) should be one of the elements you include in your Brand Communications Wheel.

However, as an aspiring Thought Leader, there are things you need to be aware of, which are covered in this Masterclass, including:

  • The #1 mistake that can cost you thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in new business when it comes to your speaking strategy
  • Defining your Thought Leader topic(s)
  • Your Signature Talk; what it is and why it’s so important
  • Example layout of a Signature Talk
  • Create your own Signature Talk, step-by-step
  • Pre-Speaking Checklist: 3 key things you must consider before you say ‘Yes’ to your next speaking invitation. [Note: As an aspiring Thought Leader you should NOT say ‘yes’ to ALL speaking opportunties. This Checklist helps you pinpoint those opportunities you should say Yes to, and those you should say No to.]

Masterclass 10: Build Visibility (and your client list) with Podcast Interviews

Our Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network has received literally thousands of Expressions of Interest from potential guests over the years. Some which have captured our attention in a positive way, and others, that did not!

Being a guest on podcasts is another element you may have included in your Brand Communications Wheel, BUT, again as an aspiring Thought Leader you should avoid getting on ‘any’ podcast, but rather the RIGHT podcast to help you build your reputation as an Authority is what you need to focus on.


  • The real benefits of being a Podcast Guest (with many of these missed and misunderstood and why you may be leaving opportunity on the table)
  • The importance of Research, as well as WHAT you need to Research to ensure you’re selecting the RIGHT podcast to approach
  • Positioning your Pitch: The Do’s and Don’t’s; Example Pitch; and accompanying email to ensure your ptich STANDS OUT from the hundreds (if not thousands) of pitches being sent.

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BONUS MASTERCLASS: Overcome Setback, While Maintain & Leverage Momentum in Your Business

Have you experienced a failure or setback in your business?

Have you been working hard, yet still no-where near where you want to be?

What’s VITAL is that you don’t let that disappointment and/or failure keep you stuck from achieving other goals you set yourself in the future, which can happen.

Join Annemarie on this webinar where she’ll teach you:

  • Why unachieved goals and setbacks (whether big or small) can keep you stuck feeling sceptical, vulnerable and anxious and unable to jump into action, AND what to do about it.
  • Practical tips and exercises to clear the “mental” clutter, criticism and blocks that making it hard for you to move forward.
  • The ONE most important step you must take after experiencing failure and/or disappointment to stop yourself from getting stuck in a financial/business drama cycle.
  • If you’ve experienced any form of setback in your life or business and you sense this failure is impacting your results in your business growth, your savings, (or getting out from under increasing debt), and you just can’t seem to generate the results you want despite how hard you work, then this call is for you.


Annemarie Cross is known as ‘The Podcasting Queen.’

However, prior to work in the podcasting space, Annemarie’s background has been in the area of personal branding, marketing and communications, initially in the career industry, working with Executives and Professionals, and later within the business world, supporting coaches and consultants.

In fact, it is the principles, practices and processes that Annemarie teaches in this Mastermind and her other programs that enabled her to become known as a Thought Leader across both those industries.

Having won multiple awards, being a sought-after speaker and educator, Author of: Ace That Interview – Cutting-Edge Interview Techniques EXPOSED!, and contributing author of numerous of Career titles, as well as sitting on an International Board of Resume Writing Certification Experts and a Judging Panel for the world’s highest echelon in Resume Writing Awards – the TORI awards (of which she has won several herself over the years).

While Annemarie loves to educate and empower her clients – she is not just an educator, but is a practioner through and through. She practices what she preaches – even today in her business and wouldn’t expect her clients to do anything she hasn’t learned and/or implemented herself.

Because she knows what she teaches – works!

Prior to her work in helping Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders take their message to the world with their own podcast and/or podcast series, Annemarie supported coaches and consultants establish and grow their coaching and consulting practices.

By working with Annemarie and implementing the Money, Marketing and Mindset principles she teaches – clients have doubled and even tripled their results, been paid to speak nationally, won awards – just to name a few of the successes.

The principles, practices and processes that Annemarie continues to teach in the Money, Marketing and Mindset Mastermind enabled them to accelerate their success to being seen, known and recognised as Industry Thought Leaders.

ALL Masterclasses are included in The Influence Alliance

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