Attention: Graduate, Professional, Return-to-Work, Mature Aged, Migrant & Senior Level Job Seekers

Do you ever “trip over your own tongue”, become “tongue-tied”, or feel you’re just not delivering your best performance during a job interview?



Maintain a high standard of professionalism throughout the interview to secure that edge over your competitors


Conquer the top 10 mistakes that 9 out of 10 job seekers unknowingly stumble on;


Answer each question that is asked easily and effortlessly

What would that mean to you?


Here’s a quick quiz that could make a dramatic impact on how successful your next interview will be.

Do you want to learn simple yet powerful psychological techniques you can use to understand your interviewer's communication style allowing you to build instant rapport - crucial in the opening stages of any interview?


Do you want to elevate and set apart your knowledge and skills from your competitors even during situations of limited experience, and even when your competitors' experience and qualifications are well above your own?


Do you want to easily and effortlessly boost your salary package through developing insightful and influential salary negotiation techniques?


Do you want to discover a little-known questioning tactic that can catapult your status as the top candidate in the interviewer's mind?

If you have answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the great news is: you can easily achieve all these things with the specialised knowledge and and strategies exposed in 10 key steps to Ace that Interview!

I have read many similar books over my career to date, some good and some not to good, and I would have to say that Annemarie’s book  – 10 key steps to Ace that Interview is one of the better ones! 

Annemarie successfully covers a range of relevant topics which gives the reader an understanding of the process, what the interviewer is seeking, how to respond to the different interview types, build confidence and effectively communicate. 

From my experience, if those attending interviews were to implement only a few of her suggestions they would increase their chances of doing well at the interview stage. 

I would certainly recommend her book to any of my career coaching clients or those recruitment candidates who seek feedback / assistance with their interview techniques. 

Melissa Martin – former Editor, CDAA Victorian Newsletter | Director, The Clarity Group

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how great I found the book “10 key steps to Ace the Interview” and the workbook that was included.

On Friday, I had an interview and I used your strategies and for the first time, I went extremely well.  I do not know yet if I have been successful, but I said and did all the right things.

It has been about 14 months (have been temping in the meantime), going to endless interviews and I have had some bad dealings with agencies except for this last role – everything seemed to flow in perfect harmony!!

I especially took notice of your hint about what to do at the end of the interview.  It was more or less like closing a deal in sales terms and I think the interviewers were impressed by that.

Thank you once again for your fantastic advice and interview strategies. I wish I had a copy 14 months ago.

Libby Lonigro


Dear Job Seeker,

I am continually surprised as to why countless highly skilled and well qualified candidates still experience interview setback and elimination even when they are the most qualified and best suited person for the role.

Are you one of the thousands who experience interview knock backs and struggle with ‘why’ you fail to reach second interview stage, and eventual job offer?

Hi, my name is Annemarie Cross.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last two decades supporting them in overcoming the 10 common pitfalls that cause so many candidates to fail during the interview process.

The complex dynamics of employment interviewing are ever-changing with each position we apply for; each company we approach; and with each interviewer, who bring their own communication styles, mannerisms, and beliefs to the meeting. All of these situations can affect the rapport-building process, relevant material to discuss, and the flow and understanding of information between you and the interviewer.

Imagine if you could strengthen and enhance, or revolutionise your interview techniques, enabling you to deliver a dynamic and unforgettable performance.


Elevate your confidence and self esteem to enable you to strategically market your skills, experience and overall value specific to organisational needs:


  • Page 33 Negativities impact on performance and how to overcome this
  • Page 34 Effective insights into the impact of communication
  • Page 35 Powerful psychological, environmental, and physical interview stress reduction techniques

Optimise your performance through all types of interviews:

  • Page 38 Blitz through the stress interview
  • Page 40 Keep your cool through a panel interview
  • Page 41 Stand out within a group interview
  • Page 42 Don’t be screened out during a telephone interview
  • Page 44 Defeat the dreaded dining interview

Master behavioural interviewing techniques to allow you to breeze through this most dreaded interview:


  • Page 47 Recognise distinguishable features between behavioural and traditional interviews
  • Page 48 Maximise your performance with these cutting edge preparation strategies
  • Page 50 Review over 45 possible behavioural based interview questions

Connect with the interviewer from the get-go and optimise all verbal/non verbal communication during all stages of the interview with essential rapport building skills.

  • Page 56 Identifying your interviewer’s preferred communication style
  • Page 57 Building rapport and achieving communication excellence
  • Page 58 How excellent communicators build rapport

Drive yourself to superstar status – a perfect candidate who will add significant value to the position from day one by strategically answering questions often stumbled through. Learn the rationale behind the question and how best to respond:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What would your former boss say about you?
  • Tell me about a weakness?
  • Why should I hire you?
  • Of all your employers which one did you like and why? and more
  • Beware these 20 common interview traps!
  • Over 50 powerful questions to choose from to ask your interviewer including how to pinpoint the organisation’s culture

Overcome obstacles that have stumped thousands of hopeful candidates. Learn how to:

  • Page 77 Overcome situations of limited experience
  • Page 78 Handle employment gaps, including unemployment
  • Page 79 Keep yourself in the running, even if you may seem overqualified
  • Page 83 Tackle extensive employment with the same company
  • Page 83 Address too many short term assignments
  • Page 84 Triumph over mature aged perceptions and concerns

Leverage your expertise to showcase your overall worth and boost your positioning during crucial salary negotiation stage by adopting key negotiation techniques. Command a salary that you are worth!


  • Page 86 Avoid negotiation failure and position yourself for success prior to even reaching negotiation talks
  • Page 87 Avoid negotiating yourself out of a job with these ‘must do’ techniques
  • Page 89 Tackle common negotiation pitfalls with these influential phrases

Avoid communication breakdown and optimise the reference checking process:

  • Page 93 Qualifying your reference
  • Page 96 Avoiding reference checking disaster

Maximise networking opportunities and uncover the hidden job market:

  • Page 97 Self-marketing strategies
  • Page 98 Develop a dynamic elevator marketing pitch
  • Page 99 Compelling content, hook and closing

How to address these difficult situations:

  • Page 100 Not receiving a reply
  • Page 101 Choosing between job offers
  • Page 101 Unsuccessful job offers
  • Page 103 Counteroffers

    “If you want to blitz your next interview this book will be the key to your success!”

    It’s all the little things that matter when you are interviewing for a job. “10 keys to Ace that Interview” gives you all the tips and strategies you need to ensure you are a star performer at interviews.

    As a Senior Manager it still astounds me the way some people present themselves for an interview, after reading this guide they would smarten up their act.
    If you want to blitz your next interview this book will be the key to your success!

    Deb Cooper, Senior Manager

    “10 key steps to Ace that Interview” is an easy to use guide for any potential candidate. It will be of use and relevance whether you are going for a senior director role or are a first time job seeker.

    The thing I particularly liked about “10 key steps to Ace that Interview” is that it focuses on what I consider the most important aspects of the interview process – planning and preparation. Whilst it may seem obvious, in my 15+ years of experience it is the most common area where applicants fail. Rather than “winging-it” there are a number of valuable strategies Annemarie has shared.

    I recommend “10 key steps to Ace that Interview” for its practical advice and “insiders” view that would otherwise be difficult to find in one comprehensive source.

    Gayle Briggs, Senior Consultant | DFP Executive

    “A clear and useful guide to interviewing for that perfect job…without the fluff and hype of many of these guides.”

    As a former career coach, I would highly recommend this book to my clients who are searching for a clear and useful guide to interviewing for that perfect job.

    Annemarie is able to condense years of knowledge into a crystal clear manual for the job-seeker. She gets to the point without the fluff and hype of many of these guides, and is able to steer the reader through the process of the most intimidating aspect of the job search–interviewing. This guide will help both the recent graduate and the more experienced job seeker, by clarifying how to prepare and what to expect.

    Stacey Morris, MS & Focus Coach

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